The Old Town Hall History

The original Town House as it was called was built in 1573 on the money made after Gravesend’s 1568 Charter allowed income to flow into the town via the market, via the granting of Freeman status to traders who had rights in Gravesend and due to the income brought in by the two ferries.

The Town Hall was rebuilt in 1764 by local architect Charles Sloane who was also responsible for rebuilding St George’s Church after it was destroyed in the Great Fire of Gravesend.

During the 1830s the Town Hall received its frontage and again was remodelled at a time of prosperity.

The rear of the town hall was completely rebuilt in the 1880s and 1890s at a time when councils became responsible for providing services and running the town’s affairs and so more space was needed.

The Gravesend Old Town Hall symbolises the importance of local government and especially the pomp associated with the Mayor and having a court of law within the building as well as cells, the town police station and fire service.

It has seen much history over the centuries and is, at last, once again available for tours offering the visitor the delight of a restaurant and the ability to hire functions rooms privately. So come and explore the heart of Gravesend’s heritage at Gravesend Old Town Hall.

Guided Tours are available all year round , led by local Historian , Christoph Bull .

Tour details are available on the Button Link below , and there is also a Button Link to Christoph Bull’s website.